Friday, March 28, 2008

The Assassinated. Huey Pierce Long, Jr.

Governor Huey Long, handing out dollar bills to members of the LSU band, 1933.

September 8, 1935, Baton Rouge - Huey Long was leaving the Louisiana State Capitol building when he was (most likely) shot by Dr. Carl Austin Weiss, a 29-year old local physician, whose father-in-law, Judge Benjamin Henry Pavy, supposedly lost his judicial position because of his opposition to Long. Long’s bodyguards then proceed to shoot Weiss 30 to 60 times.

Although this is the most supported theory of his death there are others who believe that Long was either: Punched by the unarmed Weiss, and then accidentally shot by one of the 30 to 60 bullets that Long’s bodyguards fired at Weiss. -OR- Intentionally shot by one of his bodyguards, and covered up through the killing and blaming of the innocent Weiss.

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