Friday, November 28, 2008

(The Art of) Spainish Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers from Spain

León (Pascual Ivorra Carbonell) Alcoy, 1930.

El Gato Negro
(Hijos De Juan Soler) Alcoy, 1900.

El oso blanco
(Pascual Ivorra Carbonell) Alcoy, 1902.

La Xatina
(Miguel Botella Y Hermano) Alcoy, 1918.

El Liberal (Hijos de Juan Soler) Alcoy
, 1901.

(Mercedes Albiñana) Barcelona, 1923.

Laca (Papeleras Reunidas) Alcoy.

Les Cyclistes
(Vincente Reig Valor) Alcoy, 1904.

Papel Gijon
(José Laporta Valor) Alcoy, 1901.

All images were scanned by myself from Jose Lorente's beautiful book El papel de fumar: Rolling Paper Graphics [link]
  • Online Cigarette Paper Catalogue [link]
  • more online rolling papers scans [link]


Anonymous said...

I bought this book for a painter friend of mine. Her one-and-a-half year old daughter really enjoyed the animals in the pictures...

Uncle Deetou said...

Great images... thanks for posting

*please cite or link when reposting*