Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dime Novels

Frank Leslie's Chimney Corner, Vol 5 Issue 110 - The Red Ivy; or, Philip The Fool (New York, 1867). 

caption - Philip The Fool had seized the body of the queen and hurled it headlong into the gulf below.

Good News, Issue 201 - Beneath the Waves; or, The Cruise of the Electric Conqueror (New York, c. 1896). 

caption - The top of a mountain was shattered. / Brandishing the heavy spar as if it was a straw, the gigantic sea ape closed in upon them.

Marvel, Issue 58 - Pete Pays the Piper (London, c. 1897). 

Caption - "Good-ebening, Old Hoss!"exclaimed Pete, working his way backwards, as the fearful brute crept slowly towards him, its lithe body quivering and its tale lashing to and fro.

Aldine O'er Land and Sea Library, Issue 356 - The Black Castle (London, c. 1900?).
caption - The Baron fell speechless to the floor.

Young Rover Library, Issue 36 - Link Rover's Success or High Jinks Among the Moonshiners (New York, c. 1904).
caption - "Somebody stop us! Saw my slats if this ain't the limit!" shouted poor Daddy, as he galloped along after the terrorized shoat.

Brave and Bold, Issue 5 - The Spotted Six or the Mystery of Calvert Hathaway (New York, c. 1904)

caption - The hideous creature uttered a strange cry, sprang forward, seized the boy in his powerful arms, and hurried with him to the furnace door.

Tip Top Weekly, Issue 495 - Dick Merriwell's Restoration; or, Whipping the Team into Shape (New York,  1905).
caption - "At him, Tempest! chew him up!" yelled Rioden. Shouts of horror burst from the terrified boys as the massive bulldog, with a roar of rage, launched himself straight at Dick Merriwell's throat.

Old Sleuth Weekly, Issue 18 - The Giant Detective Among the Cowboys (Cleveland, c. 1908)

Sunday Companion Library, Issue 8 - A Pearl from the Deep (London, c. 1908)

Liberty Boys of '76, Issue 314 - The Liberty Boys at Sag Harbor; or, The Liveliest Day on Record (New York, c. 1910).
caption - It was going hard with Dick. The giant's grip tightened, and the boy was forced backward. Mark, in the boat, could do nothing. Then the girl seized an oar and brought it down with full force on the giant.

New Nick Carter Weekly, Issue 578 - An Automobile Duel (New York, c. 1910)

New Nick Carter Weekly, Issue 563 - The Great Spy System (New York, c. 1910)

Pluck and Luck, Issue 763 - A Wizard of Wall St., or, The Career of Henry Carew, Boy Banker (New York, c. 1920?)

Ranger, Issue 124 (London, 1933)

New Buffalo Bill Weekly, Issue 267 - Buffalo Bill and the Apache Kid (New York, c. 1918)

Schoolboys' Own Library, Issue 381 - The Cannibal Invaders (London, 1939) 

Dime Novels & Penny Dreadfuls - a remarkable online collection of dime novels collected by Stanford University where you can browse covers and read selected texts. [link]

Library of Congress Dime Novel exhibit [link]


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