Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Cycling 1839-1939" Cigarette Cards

John Player & Sons Cigarette Card album "Cycling 1839-1939" (UK, 1939)

#2 - Lady's pedestrian hobby-horse

#4 - Sawyer's Velocipede

#6 - Coventry Rotary Tricycle

#7 - Singer Tricycle

#8 - "Salvo Tricycle"

#10 - Sociable Tricycle

#11 - Post Office Centre-Cycles

#12 - "Invincible" Bicycle

#13 - Rucker Tandem Bicycle

#16 - Olympia tandem tricycle

#20 - Companion safety bicycle

#30 - Italian Velocino Bicycle

The entire collection of 50 can be viewed at the NYPL Digital Gallery [link]
collection is for sale at prices4antiques [link]
more cycling/motorcycle cigarette cards [link]
Various links for vintage cycles [link]
Some great vintage cycle photos [link]


myopia said...

these are great. you think they used ladders?

James Cigarette said...

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Unknown said...

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