Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pictures of Life and Character in New York (1877)

Illustrations from the book published by G.W. Averell & Co in New York, 1877.

Page 8 - Venues for Horses

Page 9 - Theatrics

Page 10 - Fashions of the Day

Page 11 - Boxing

Page 12 - Earning a Living

Page 13 - Chinese Quarters

Page 14 - The diversity of people in New York City

Page 15 - Characters of New York

Page 16 - Street Peddlers

Page 17 - Service personnel

Page 21 - "Our artist in the United States - XI. Wall Street, New York."

Page 26 - "Night on the East side. A dime lodging house."

Page 29 - "The Prohibition movement. The drug store of the future."

Page 30 - The duty that lies near. Puck. "The new parks are a good thing, Mr. Grace, but suppose we begin by making 'breathing-places' of these dirty streets!"

All images are from the History of Medicine Digital Collection [link]
more info on the book "Pictures of Life and Character in New York" [link]
worldcat results [link]

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