Sunday, January 31, 2010

Women, Snakes and Stalkers: South Asian book covers

This is a dual post with Will, from the great A Journey Around My Skull. All of these magnificent covers come courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski's impressive South Asian books project, in which she photographs book covers from the "PK" section (Indo-Iranian languages and literatures) of the University of Chicago's Regenstein library. See more covers at her blog, Women, Snakes and Stalkers, and at her flickr. And be sure to view Will's picks here.

Thank you to @weetstraw, @Coudal, @posteroffensive who first linked me to Women, Snakes and Stalkers.

(click photos to visit the corresponding post at her blog)

visit her blog, Women, Snakes and Stalkers [link]
also check out her flickr [link]
and her website [link]
more at A Journey Around My Skull [link]


make money said...

This is a gorgeous art book cover. It’s fascinating. The calligraphy is just so beautiful.

House plans said...

I’ am very captivated with these books, the cover is very beautiful, and though I did not understand the writings it just pleases me to look at these beautiful book covers.

Unknown said...

lovely! thanks so much for showing us!

Laura Ottina said...

Wow! I feel like a whole new world of visual fascination just opened in front of my eyes!

Szymon fotograf said...

damn inspiring!

Delicious Industries said...

Great collection of covers! Thanks for sharing :)

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