Sunday, May 16, 2010

La revista Nexos

Nexos is a monthly cultural magazine published in Mexico City. The magazine was started in 1978, and is not related to the South American Nexos Magazine published by American Airlines. Following are some visual works from the first several issues that I found. Unfortunately, I have no information on the artists. (And once again, thank you to my beautiful graduating gf for the below translations.)

EDIT: huge thanks to Borr for identifying Rogelio Naranjo as the artist of many of the below illustrations.

"It was founded in 1978 by historian Enrique Florescano, with the idea of presenting segments of society, science, and literature in a publication that would think about and consider public life, and criticize the society and politics of Mexico. Since then, Nexus has followed the fundamental transformation of the country. During thirty years, its pages have fostered intellectual and academic debate, documenting the precariousness of the state of the Right, economic stagnation, and poverty and inequities, among other obstacles of change. As a magazine that advocates ideological diversity, Nexos has encouraged and stimulated democratic reform which makes us think that the Mexico of 1978 may have occurred in another country." -translated from the Nexos Group Facebook page

1 - 1978 Jan Cover Detail
No. 1, Jan 1978 Detail, possibly by George Grosz (?) (thanks to P-E Fronning)

1 - 1978 Jan Cover
No. 1, Jan 1978

"Nexus desires to be what its name announces: a place of intersection and connections, a point of links for experiences and disciplines that specialization tends to segregate, and even oppose. It aspires to be a forum where problems of science and technology, economic and social research, literary essays, and historical and contemporary politics are expressed." -from Issue number 1, January 1978.

2 - 1978 Feb Cover Detail
No. 2, Feb 1978 Detail

2 - 1978 Feb Cover
No. 2, Feb 1978, by Rogelio Naranjo

4 - 1978 Apr Cover
No. 4, April 1978

6 - 1978 Jun Cover
No. 6, June 1978

14 - 1979 D
by Rogelio Naranjo

2 - 1978 B
by Rogelio Naranjo

14 - 1979 C

2 - 1978 A
by Rogelio Naranjo

13 - 1979 A
"I will only judge on personality and talent," by Rogelio Naranjo

17 - 1979 A

17 - 1979 B

14 - 1979 A
by Rogelio Naranjo

12 - 1978 A

Nexos website [link]
Image gallery of recent issues on their website [link]
Nexos Facebook group page [link]
more works are posted on my flickr page [link]

1978 B


Borr said...

As a kid i used to look trough these magazines because my dad would buy them all and the images are really great! i guess that's why i liked them. Thanks it's a great discovery. Are you mexican? I am

Martin Klasch said...

Very nice! The first illustration is (simply must be) by George Grosz.

Will said...

How about the Topor-ish drawings -- can anyone read the signature. Narano? (I hope these aren't by a super famous illustrator and I'm outing myself as an ignoramus.)

Borr said...

Ey will, the name on the signature is Naranjo and he is political cartoonist and ilustrator, well, maybe he WAS 'cause he might be gone by now

Laura Ottina said...

Wow, I love these, Naranjo especially. Thanks for sharing!

Lindsey Miller said...

This blog is amazing, Thank you for putting such time and effort into this amazing reference resource! <3

*please cite or link when reposting*