Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alvin Lustig miscellany

Beverly Hills High School Commencement (Alvin Lustig, 1942)a
Beverly Hills High School Commencement, 1942

Philately in Europe brochure, by Alvin Lustig, 1939
Philately in Europe brochure, 1939

Incantation, Textile Design 1947
Incantation, Textile Design, 1947 [via] (see it in fabric form at Alki1's flickr ---> [link])

Alvin Lustig christmas card 1938-42
Christmas card, 1940

Typography Manual
Typography Manual, Art Teacher's Association of LA, 1941 [via]

1941 Alvin Lustig LETTERPRESS Self-Promotion broadside
Self-Promotion broadside, 1941

Beverly Hills High School - 23rd commencement (Alvin Lustig,  1940)a
Twenty-Third Commencement - Beverly Hills High School, 1940

Beverly Hills High School - 25th commencement (Alvin Lustig, 1942)
Twenty-Fifth Commencement - Beverly Hills High School, 1942

From These Basic, Standard, Typographic - design by Alvin Lustig
Sheet with typographic shapes, 1939

Ninth Graphic Arts Production Yearbook, 1950
Ninth Graphic Arts Production Yearbook, 1950

Lustig one-man exhibiton at the A-D Gallery (NY) joints for special install. structure to hold panels for displays
Joints for special install, at the Alvin Lustig exhibition at the A-D Gallery, 1949

Alvin Lustig Office 1951
Alvin Lustig's Office(?), 1951

Photo of Alvin Lustig, 1945
Alvin Lustig, 1945
The fantastic Alvin Lustig website [link]
The Alvin & Elaine Lustig Design flickr pool [link]
Articles & Texticles has a great entry on Mr. Lustig, from which several of the above images are from [link]
More of Lustig's works at the Smithsonian's collection [link]
Great bio and more works at AIGA [link]
More works at Dr. Leslie's project [link]
Books on/of Alvin Lustig's works at worldcat [link]

Charles house - fireplace sculpture, design by Alvin Lustig


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These Photos are really heart touching and very hard to understand also .


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These photos are really meaningful, it might be so complicated but the art in it is really conveying about the reality.
lisa | tuxedos

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