Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Slovenian Event Posters

Celjske Summer Events (Institute of Cultural Events, Celjske), Radovan Jenko, 1979

International Fair of Textile and Textile Machinery (Leskova), P Djokic, 1959

International Fashion Fair (Ljubljana), B Širok, 1957

Exhibition House for Opportunities [?] (Ljubljana, Gospodarsko razstavišče), D. M., 1956

International Graphic Exhibition (Ljubljana), 1957

International Textile Exhibition (Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana), 1956

International Packaging Fair (Ljubljana), 1957

Gorenjski Fair (Kranj, Gorenjska, Slovenia), 1953

Tourist Exhibition (Ljubljana), 1955

International Exhibition of Wood (Ljubljana), 1955

International Fair of Radio and Telecommunications (Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana), Gašperšič, 1957

Soft Drinks Exhibition (Ljubljana), 1954

Craft Industry Exhibition (Šentvid, Ljubljana, Slovenia), 1954

Exhibition of Children's Drawings, 1961

Exhibition of the Hungarian Book (National and University Library in Ljubljana), 1969

Help with any awkward translations would be appreciated.

from the massive collection at the fantastic Digital Library of Slovenia [link]


Will said...

so goddamn cool. I want that giant ant poster.

Nanjundorkkiniyan said...

These are incredible! Thanks for sharing.

*please cite or link when reposting*