Monday, June 29, 2009

El rostro (The Face)

From the Spanish book Magia blanca moderna o sea Magnetismo, hipnotismo, sugestion y espirtismo (Modern White Magic that is Magnetism, Hypnotism, Suggestion and Spirituality) by Q.G. Polinntzieu, published by Barcelona Maucci in 1899.

"The nobility of character is always revealed from the forehead to the nose, by the proportion and symmetry of this part of the face..."

This is the face of the ambitious.

This is the face of the perverse.

This is the face of the hedonist.

This is the face of the distracted.

This is the face of the imposter.

This is the face of the heroic.

This is the face of the prideful.

This is the face of the miserable.

This is the face of the cunning.

This is the face of the considerate.

This is the face of the honest.

This is the face of the cruel.


You can download the entire book at Biblioteca Digital Hispánica from Spain's National Library [link]
(thanks to my lovely girlfriend for translating)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vintage Grocery Store Displays

Interior of the John Thompson Grocery Company store on 15th Street in Denver, Colorado. Butchers in white coats and aprons pose around a display of deer carcasses that are decorated with Christmas wreaths and garland. Signs read: "Mocha and Java, The Best Coffee Grown", "Ou[r] Home Ma[de] Cand[ies] Are Th[e] Best Made." 1900-1910, photo by Harry M. Rhoads [link]

Interior view of the Save-A-Nickel Store at 4210 Tennyson Street, in Denver, Colorado; shows stacked cans, fruit, and advertising signs: "Sunbrite Cleanser." May 21, 1940, Rocky Mountain Photo Company [link]

Sunkist Grocery Store display, 1940s [link]

Kraft displays, Jenkins' Groceteria, Calgary, Alberta. c. 1945 [link]

Mayfair Supermarket Cookie Display, 1950's [link]

Arrowhead Drinking Water, 1950's [link]

Libby's Canned Food Display, 1950's [link]

Bon Ami Jet Spray Display, 1950's [link]

Bell Chips Circus Display, 1956 [link]

Bell Chips Display, Shopping Bag in Upland CA, 1950s [link]

Man reaching for a box in a display at Cozart's Supermarket. Aug 11, 1965, Daily Reflector (Greenville, N.C.) [link]

Duke's Mayonnaise jars assembled in a display at Cozart's grocery store. Feb 1965, Daily Reflector (Greenville, N.C.) [link]

Coca-Cola Supermarket Display [link]

Marlboro Supermarket Display, Ralph's Supermarket [link]

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thai Matchboxes
















-All of these images are from Anake Nawigamune's beautiful book A Century of Thai Graphic Design [link]
-find the closest library copy at worldcat [link]
-Articles on Chuan Sunthranan, a Thai man who has been collecting matchboxes for over 70 years and just opened a "Matchbox museum" of his collection [link] [link]
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