Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Swiss Museum Posters

All posters are from the Swiss Posters Collection (note the watermark in the bottom-right).

by Claude Kuhn; Natural History Museum of Bern, 1985 (see more by the amazing Claude Kuhn ---> [link] ---> [link])

Reopening Geology, by Claude Kuhn; Planet and Space, Natural History Museum of the Civic Community of Berne, 1991

A Voyage of Discovery, by Claudia Schmauder; Johann Jacobs Museum, 1996

Natural Garden; Natural History Museum of Lucerne, 1990

Taxidermy and other methods of animal conservation; Natural History Museum, Freiburg, 1982

Museum of Geneva, 1975(?) (more Museum of Geneva posters ---> [link])

by Ralph Schraivoge; Museum of Design Zurich, 1991

Archigram 1961-74, by Ralph Schraivogel; Museum of Design Zurich, 1995

1930-1970 Fashion; Museum Bellerive Zurich, 1982

by Ernst Keller; Museum Rietberg, Zurich, 1952

Everything in motion, advancement in nature and technology; Nature Museum Lucerne, 2001

Beetles, their colors and shapes; Zoological Museum, University of Zurich, Natural History Museum of the civic community of Berne, 1996

Zaire, masks, figurines; Museum of Ethnology, Basel, 1986

Bees, Museum of Natural History, 1982

Wildlife Photography, Wildlife Biology; Natural History Museum of Lucerne, 1982

by C. Cebreros; Museum d'histoire, ville de Genève, 1998

Eskimo Archeology of Alaska; Historical Museum of Bern, 1977

all posters from the Swiss Posters Collection [link]


Kadambari said...

Lovely posters! Thank you for posting them! Really liked the second one: Reopening Geology, by Claude Kuhn.

joel. said...

that's my favorite one too! Claude Kuhn is absolutely amazing. the collection that I got these from has over 100 of his posters, and they're all pretty amazing. --> http://ccsa-a.admin.ch/cgi-bin/gw/chameleon?sessionid=2010010519053230945&skin=affiches&lng=de&inst=consortium&host=biblio-a.admin.ch%2b3603%2bDEFAULT&sourcescreen=INITREQ&scant1=Kuhn,%20Claude&scanu1=1003&elementcount=1&t1=Kuhn,%20Claude&u1=1003&op1=0&pos=1&itempos=1&rootsearch=KEYWORD&function=INITREQ&search=AUTHID&authid=1459&authidu=1003

Drew said...

Wow. These are pretty awesome. I like the the first three a lot.

Is there anyway to order these as reprints? I would love to throw them on my apartment walls.

*please cite or link when reposting*