Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vintage Grocery Store Displays

Interior of the John Thompson Grocery Company store on 15th Street in Denver, Colorado. Butchers in white coats and aprons pose around a display of deer carcasses that are decorated with Christmas wreaths and garland. Signs read: "Mocha and Java, The Best Coffee Grown", "Ou[r] Home Ma[de] Cand[ies] Are Th[e] Best Made." 1900-1910, photo by Harry M. Rhoads [link]

Interior view of the Save-A-Nickel Store at 4210 Tennyson Street, in Denver, Colorado; shows stacked cans, fruit, and advertising signs: "Sunbrite Cleanser." May 21, 1940, Rocky Mountain Photo Company [link]

Sunkist Grocery Store display, 1940s [link]

Kraft displays, Jenkins' Groceteria, Calgary, Alberta. c. 1945 [link]

Mayfair Supermarket Cookie Display, 1950's [link]

Arrowhead Drinking Water, 1950's [link]

Libby's Canned Food Display, 1950's [link]

Bon Ami Jet Spray Display, 1950's [link]

Bell Chips Circus Display, 1956 [link]

Bell Chips Display, Shopping Bag in Upland CA, 1950s [link]

Man reaching for a box in a display at Cozart's Supermarket. Aug 11, 1965, Daily Reflector (Greenville, N.C.) [link]

Duke's Mayonnaise jars assembled in a display at Cozart's grocery store. Feb 1965, Daily Reflector (Greenville, N.C.) [link]

Coca-Cola Supermarket Display [link]

Marlboro Supermarket Display, Ralph's Supermarket [link]

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Mr. Bluehaunt said...

Always cool to see labels, packaging, and displays in the original context....

Matt said...

great collection here! thanks for the compilation.

Will said... knock...things...over...

Also imagining a holiday (soy) deer carcass in Whole Foods.

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