Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thai Matchboxes
















-All of these images are from Anake Nawigamune's beautiful book A Century of Thai Graphic Design [link]
-find the closest library copy at worldcat [link]
-Articles on Chuan Sunthranan, a Thai man who has been collecting matchboxes for over 70 years and just opened a "Matchbox museum" of his collection [link] [link]


PIGNOUF said...


Anonymous said...

As always its a pleasure to view your extraordinary postings.

Mister 1-2-3-4 said...

Tiny spaces, limited color palettes, but still gorgeous!

Nanjundorkkiniyan said...

Fantastic! You can see some Indian ones here in my blog.

B Supra said...

These are amazing! My grandmother was right, when I was little she gave me one similar and said people collect these. I didn't believe her! Anyhow I will scan in the box I have. Love these posts, this is my new favorite site!

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