Monday, July 20, 2009

Lebanese Political Posters

EDIT: Thank you to Aline for identifying Seta Manoukian as the author of the second 'Progressive Socialist Party' poster below.

The Progressive Socialist Party

The Progressive Socialist Party (Seta Manoukian)

The South - Lebanese National Movement (Anonymous, c. 1978-9)

The Assault on Saida is an Assault on the National Resistance (Omran Kaysi, 1985)

Saia Above the Arrows of Treason (Omran Kaysi, 1985)

Steadfast in the South - Independent Nasserist Movement - Murabitun (Anonymous, 1980)

The Lebanese Left

Against Imperialism and Zionism - Lebanese Communist Party (Anonymous, 1977)

The South and the Resistance

Your tricks are uncovered and justice will prevail (Anonymous, c. 1978-9)

Dar al-Fataal-Arabi (Helmi el-Touni, 1977)

Commemoration of Gamal Adb-el-Nasser's birthday. A green memory in days of drought Socialist Arab Union (Helmi el-Touni, 1989)

Quote from Yasser Arafat - PLO (Seta Manoukian and Walid Safi, 1960s-70s)

Dar al-Fata al-Arabi (Helmi el-Touni, c. 1977)

American University of Beirut Jafet Library's Political Posters 1960s-1980s collection [link]
for more great posters and thoughts on the power of the poster see Zeina Maasri's book Off the Wall: Political Posters of the Lebanese Civil War - on worldcat [link] at Powell's Books [link]


Oliver said...

These are all so good!

Village Idiot said...

psychedelic political posters, from the middle east no less. frigging cool. you've a masterful eye my son.

aline said...

I might know the author of 2 of these posters marked "anonymous" would you like me to check ?

joel. said...

Thanks aline - that would be awesome to know the anonymous artists.

aline said...

The one with the puppy flower and the purple building is definitely by Seta Manoukian. I also asked her about the 6 faces in colourful frames but she's not sure about that one.
At least I've got one answer for you :)
Great blog by the way.



joel. said...

Thanks so much Aline! I will update the post. Happy 2012!

*please cite or link when reposting*