Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Silent Film Posters of Peter Kocjančič

J'accuse! (Abel Gance, 1919)

Kalvarija žene [Calvary Women] (1925)

Metropolis (Fritz Lang, 1927)

Les misérables (Henri Fescourt, 1925)

Dance Fever (Alexander Korda,1925) [?]

A Modern Dubarry (Alexander Korda, 1927)

Harry Hill, der Herr der Welt (Lorenz Bätz, 1923)

Die elf schillschen Offiziere (Rudolf Meinert, 1926)

My Friend the Chauffeur (Erich Waschneck, 1926) [?]

Alpentragödie (Robert Land, 1927)

Die tolle Lola (Richard Eichberg, 1927)

Der Mann ohne Schlaf (Carl Boese, 1926)

Harry Piel - Strah na sokolskem gradu [Fear in the Castle Sokolski] (1925)

Xenia Desni

Harold Lloyd (1925)

Buster Keaton (1925)

All of the translations are via google translate. If anyone can help identify/clarify anything please let me know.

once again all of these posters are from the Digital Library of Slovenia [link]


Anonymous said...

I dreamed that you play metropolis ans les misérables but maybe with le voleur de byciclette and benhur

Sara said...

Wow, these are so great!

celine said...

the same from me : wow !
these are great thanks for posting.

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