Monday, August 3, 2009

Magician Souvenir Programs

The Floyds: Magic and Mystery (1900s)

Boughton (1907)

Ray Newton: Mystic Entertainer (1910)

Floyd (1910s)

Bennett Springer: Conjurer (1911)

Duval-Baldi Company (1920s)

Marlo the Great (Cleveland - The Britton Printing Co., 1920s)

Laurant: The Man of Many Mysteries (1920s)

Dr. Harlan Tarbell: World Famous Teacher of Magicians (1930)

Reno: Master of Magic (1930s)

Walden: In Mighty Marvels of the Magic World (Columbus, Ohio - The Capitol Printing Company)

Durno: In the White House of Magic

Durno: In the White House of Magic

Marco the Wizard in Marco Company Magicians

Totten : Magic, Illusions, Impersonations (Hamilton, Ohio - Brown & Whittaker Printers)

these are from the University of Iowa's fantastic Traveling Culture: Circuit Chautauqua in the Twentieth Century - [link] @LOC [link]


Will said...

These guys have especially excellent hair. I have to single out Durno's "parting of the Red Sea" mustache hairdo.

joel. said...

that's so true - incredible hair. david blaine could take a few hints from these guys and grow some heavy waves, maybe a zappa, or a handlebar at the very least. entertainers just aren't as interesting as they once were (or at least seemed)

Mr. Bluehaunt said...

I love these. The graphics remind me of some sheet music I have somewhere. I thought "Bennett" was funny.....until I saw "Marco"!

pat said...

fantastic stuff! Here's one you might like:

Anonymous said...


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