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Programs of Boar's Head Dramatic Society

"The Boar's Head Dramatic Society of Syracuse University was initiated by a small group of students in the spring of 1903. This group recognized the need for an on-campus organization that was solely committed to all aspects of dramatic production. Their plans did not get underway, however, until 1904 when -- still affiliated with the English Club -- they presented "King Lear" in Syracuse, Rochester and Auburn, under the direction of Professor Frederick D. Losey.

On February 9th, 1906, "Boar's Head" was adopted as the official name of the newly founded organization. This name was chosen in honor of the Boar's Head Tavern in Eastcheap, London, 'favorite resort of Falstaff, Prince Hal and their companions' in Shakespeare's Henry IV.

Boar's Head eventually faded out in the late 1960's, but produced over 200 plays in its sixty year run. Dramatic activities continue at Syracuse University, but no longer under the auspices of Boar's Head.
" -Syracuse University archives


The Great Gatsby - April 3 1928

Time Out - May 11 1931

Life Goes to College - February 14-18 1939

Long Live Love - April 6 1949

The Bourgeois Gentleman - March 14 1950

The Red Rose and the Briar - April 11-18 1951

Some Faint Star - April 2-5 1952

Gigi - April 26-30 1954

Same old faces - November, December 1955

Lysistrata - May 12-15 1954

Othello - February, March 1960

Rashomon - March 17-19 1966

& a few of my favorite ads from the programs...

all of these come from Syracuse University's digital archives [link]

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