Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Theatre Magazine

Founded in 1900 as a pictorial quarterly called Our Players, it changed its name to The Theatre in May of 1901 when it became a monthly edited by Arthur Hornblow. Subsequently it was known as Theatre Magazine or simply Theatre. It became the finest of popular monthlies devoted to the theatre, as opposed to the more intellectual Theatre Arts, and survived for exactly thirty years, closing after its April 1931 issue.

November 1906

August 1921

October 1921

January 1922

January 1924

Febuary 1924

April 1924

July 1927

March 1929

April 1930

June 1930

October 1930


most of these covers come from [link]
you can view more at finsbry's fabulous flickr page [link]
several more are at the always great Art Deco [link]
more at Gallery Direct Art [link]
thirty or so editions can be read at the Internet Achieve [link]


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Lots more THEATRE covers on the site that Joel links to. Several thousand covers, of all kinds. Thanks for the link!


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